Tea was the most ancient habit in early Sri Lankan times after Dutch and English movements.

In 2010 a young and a newer of tea industry rose up with a name TEA ZONE CEYLON in a new way of globalizing this old habit.

Tea Zone came up to the industry with lesser than 10 employees yet the most attracted tourist choice in Sri Lanka in every kind of teas with more than 50 varieties of black flavor teas and green flavors and a mesmerizing collection of exclusive teas.

Today embracing 10 tea centers in the country, Tea Zone continues to seek out transformative services and inspiring more locations around the island and to serve the best quality of Ceylon tea.



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           Mr. Faizal Fareen


General Manager

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     Mr. Mohommed Nizam


Business Development Executive

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Miss.M.A. Naduni Keshala



Our Mission

To provide the best service for all the customers and partners satisfying their own tastes.

Our Vision

Upgrading the tea selling around the world introducing new quality products and creative ideas to uplift the company name further more.

Our Team